365 Consecutive Days on Facebook LIVE!

365 Consecutive Days on Facebook LIVE!

March 7, 2021

… a variety of subjects. Sometimes it's about music. Other times it'll be about an insect that happened to land on the table next to my coffee cup. There's no limit to the diversity of subjects. Ultimately, it's all about our experiences and how they are so much alike. I've always said, “we all go through the same stuff, it just looks different."

Now that I'm approaching my one year anniversary I'm thinking about ways to enhance what we've created. I'll definitely continue and I hope to have all of you continue along with me. One thing about the Internet is that it doesn't matter where you live. As long as you have a connection you can join. I invite you to join us here at Porchlandia, Planet Earth. We truly are a global community.

I have a few performances coming up. My schedule has been a bit erratic which is why my calendar has not always been updated. I realize that many of you would like to know what's coming up so you can attend or tune in. I am making plans to update everything on a weekly basis to make sure that I let you know about everything that's going on. I'm also excited about new plans for my online store. More on that soon.

Stay safe and stay in touch for new updates!