2022 American Banjo Museum Hall

Steve Martin

Four-String Performance - In the world of tenor banjo, few musical voices are as unique as Don Vappie. Steeped in tenor banjo tradition, Vappie has honed a very personal approach to the instrument into an instantly recognizable style all his own. Whether the rhythmic pulse of a classic jazz band such as the Creole Jazz Serenaders or seemingly effortlessly breezing through a suite of Harry Reser compositions in front of a symphony orchestra, Vappie’s one-of-a-kind sound and style present the tenor banjo with musicality and distinction, a fact recognized by his being a 2021 recipient of the Steve Martin Banjo Prize.

2021 Steve Martin Banjo Prize

Steve Martin

4-string banjo maestro, Creole cultural expert, and jazzman extraordinaire, Don Vappie is a living embodiment of 300 years of New Orleans music.